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The United app puts valuable travel information in the palm of your hand

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United Airlines

The United Airlines app is a staple for frequent United Airlines flyers.

Browsing the airline schedule, booking a flight, printing boarding passes, and compiling important onboarding files can prove to be cumbersome tasks. United Airlines does away with these inconveniences with their all-in-one app, making for a smooth and convenient traveling experience. Book flights with ease on the United Airlines app. Navigating through the schedule is a breeze as the app comes equipped with a straightforward toolbar and user-friendly search engine.

Once you’ve locked in your flight, you can monitor its status using the tracking feature. In addition, you can check in and upgrade the status of your seat right from your phone. For those times when the boarding pass has somehow left itself on the coffee table, the app can serve as a suitable alternative for admittance on board.